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Professional recording available for all genres of music as well as programming Drums, Bass, Strings and Keys.  Guitars and Bass can be recorded through amp profiles ranging from Fender to Deizel and everything in between.


Editing includes Vocal Alignment, Comping. Drum Edits, putting drums on the grid, Phase Alignment. Locking DI Guitars with Kick Drum.

Track Clean up and repair with Izotopes Award Winning RX6


During Mixing, The artist provides a list of wants and needs for the track along with reference material. I as the engineer will take the notes given to me and create the necessary EQ, Compression, FX changes to fit the material. Stems, Show Mixes, Radio Edits available upon request. After Mixing the next step would be off to mastering.


Mastering Stage, take the Mix and preps it for distribution. By making final EQ adjustments, editing track heads and tails. Adjusting the overall EQ Curves to suit each type of platform i.e. Mp3 Download, iTunes, CD, High Quality Download versions. DDP Images and Meta Data entered at artist request. Also i have the ability to link you up with a few Grammy Nominated/Winning Mastering engineers if that is desired.


Reamping available through the following. Peavey, Marshall, Engl, Fender, Vox, Orange, Mesa/Boogie. Bulk Discount Available. Send me the DI Tracks and i will return you a copy of just the amp, so you can use your own IR. Also i will supply a copy of the amp and a Cab/IR of my choosing.

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